What is Osteopathy

A health-oriented, patient-centered healthcare model that aims to improve the body’s physiological function and/or support its homeostasis that may have been changed by the insults placed on it.

Our History

The word Osteopathy was first used in 1874 by Dr A.T. Still (MD, DO) after he discovered the significance of the living human body in health and disease. Osteopathy is Greek for bone (Osteon) and suffering (pathos). 

Our Principles

Dr Still founded Osteopathy on the principles of unity of the body; its inherent healing capabilities and recognising the relationship between its structure (anatomy) and function (physiology)

Our Health Model

Our approach to healthcare is of a holistic nature. We address the whole body systems including behavioral aspects in the management of our patients.

Our Patients

Osteopaths treat patients from all walks of life. From bubs to the most senior citizens. We treat the person rather than their condition.

Osteopathy may be your key to a pain free life.

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