Reading Corner

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin.

At MoreMotala Osteopathy, we believe in education. Empowering you with knowledge puts you in a better position to make the informed decisions for your health, wellness and life in general. 

Here we present you with some quick reads that may be of help to your health journey


Ranging from a niggling pain to debilitating and disabling pain, headaches be annoying, unsettling and at times disruptive to the sufferer's life. You cannot focus, you lose hours of sleep. Your work and personal relationships are affected.


Getting to the bottom of the causes of your headache can save you a lot of stress and worry. 

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a journey. Sometimes managing this debilitating condition can be frustrating. Each person has their own story, their way of dealing with chronic pain. For some people, learning new techniques is the first step to taking control on their pain. 

This quick brief read may help you in your journey of pain.